"Oh Look! he's got a stuffed thing....
I love stuffed things......"

The Pets.Com Sock puppet - Halloween 2000

Instead of renting or buying a costume this year, I made mine from scratch. It took a lot of hours and several wire hangers gave their lives in the name of art (but is it "high art"?), but all the effort I put into the costume was well worth it!

Would you trust this dog?

Back view, showing the watch.

What do you mean I can't drink? I have to be old enough in dog years! Come on, give me a beer!

I'll give you three dollars...

More pumpkins carvings and roated pumpkins seeds this year, as well! I did original Daffy Duck pumpkin design again. I present to you now, the pumpkin line up for 2000:

Party pictures